Prophaze WAF Registration

To start your journey with Prophaze WAF, first you have to register an user account with the company name and email id along with agreeing to our terms and conditions.

The signup process is the beginning part of the journey with Prophaze WAF. During sign-up, complete assistance from Prophaze is offered.

Go to

Fill the sign-up form with your company name, Official Mail id and Confirm a password. By agreeing with Prophaze terms and conditions, you can hit the button “Free Sign Up”. Now the registration has been completed.

Now you will be redirected to a page as shown in the below:

To secure your domains, complete the set up wizard.

For SaaS customers: Please follow these procedures.

For On-Premise Customers: Please follow these procedures.

For Kube-native Customers: Please follow these procedures.

Slack Webhook

Webhooks are used for real time notifications, so your system can be updated right when an event takes place. Outgoing Webhooks was a quirky way to send your own server a Webhook when messages met a narrow set of criteria.

Enter the URL and click on Save button.

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