SQL Injection Prevention

Prophaze WAF deployed wide range of methods into its core algorithm to block generic and advanced SQL injection attacks where not-sanitised user inputs is used to inject SQL commands which can disclose system Information and data leakage . The most common sql injection methods blocked are .
  • SQL comment sequence
  • SQL hex sequence
  • SQL String Termination
  • SQL Operators Blocking
  • Blocks SQL Tautologies
  • Blocks Common Database Names
  • Blind SQL injection Blocking
  • Injection Character anomaly blocking
  • Injection Payload Blocking
  • MSSQL specific signatures
  • SQL Integer overflow
  • SQL sleep command exploit
  • Prevents conditional SQL injection
  • MySQL character switch injection
  • SQL Authentication Bypass
  • pg_sleep injection
  • Chained SQL Injection
  • Stored procedure Injection
  • UDF Injection using data structure manipulation
  • Concatenated SQL Injection