What is Prophaze WAF?How it works?

Prophaze Cloud WAF is built natively on Kubernetes Platform and secures customers Kubernetes clusters and cloud infrastructure from various attack vectors.

Prophaze WAF is a cybersecurity software designed to help DevOps teams and hosting or cloud providers in manufacturing, healthcare, educational institutions, fintech companies, and cloud ERP companies, manage Kubernetes deployments to protect web assets from cyber threats, misconfiguration, attacks, bots, and patch vulnerabilities.

Key features of Prophaze WAF include behavioral analytics, incident management, machine learning, endpoint management, denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, and virtual patching. The Prophaze AI firewall blocks new malware variants, malicious requests, zero-day attacks, and execution of fileless attacks, assisting organizations with API protection, account takeover, web security, bot management, and DDoS prevention.

Prophaze WAF continually updates security policies that include whitelisting, blacklisting, response filtering, virtual patching, and blocking, enabling security teams to automate policies based on specific behaviors and activities of users and applications. The system can be hosted on-premise on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud or set up as a virtual WAF server in private clouds.

Prophaze WAF integrates with the following communications, security information and event management (SIEM), and security monitoring tools and cloud services:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slack

  • Splunk

  • Datadog

  • Kubernetes

  • Google Cloud

  • AWS

  • Microsoft Azure

How Prophaze WAF works?

Prophaze WAF is a new generation web application firewall which intelligently tracks down malicious request into your Web APIs . It uses multiple attack detection algorithms to monitor all the incoming requests and will pass only legitimate requests to the host server.

Prophaze logs all packets to the server internally and makes an intelligent analysis based on both dynamic and intelligent threat detection methodologies .

It is deployed as depicted in the below figure

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