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Injection Prevention

Prophaze WAF can prevent the following Injection attacks
  • OS Command Injection - Exploiting arbitrary commands in the operating system to fingerprint Infrastructure details , and to establish a trust between host operating Systems . This happens when application passes unsafe data which Includes Forms , Cookies , URL Arguments etc
  • Coldfusion Injection – Prevents database injection in Coldfusion apps
  • LDAP Injection - Stops exploits which attacks LDAP Protocol
  • SSI Injection – Prevents attacks which manipulates server side Includes to execute remote code injections
  • UPDF/XSS Injection – Prevents XSS attacks on applications with pdf Files
  • Email Injection – Prevents Email Injection where attacker utilizes Carriage return to inject extra email headers to the contact form
  • Blocks system command access
  • Blocks Directory Traversal attacks