Our Cloud Server span around the globe which only required dns change for application onboarding.

For cloud deployments Prophaze WAF supports the following cloud providers

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud Provider

  • Amazon AWS

  • DigitalOcean

SaaS Customer Onboarding Strategy

SaaS onboarding can be done at any time when a user is new to the platform. This could happen most of the time with free trials. However, it needs a smaller onboarding process.

Signup process

Once you are done with the registration process, you will be redirected to a set up wizard page where you can secure your domain(s).

Here you need a few pieces of information from the client’s end to complete the user registration. The steps are as follows:

  1. The current domain name without http/https (

2. Current Hosting/Server IP Address (The IP address mentioned in the DNS manager. This IP may belong to a load balancer or a machine).

3. Select the cluster which is nearest to your location from the drop down list, so that it can reduce the latency issue.

4. Change the current DNS record from the customer end. For this, the customer needs to add a CNAME to their domain in the DNS manager (eg. GoDaddy, AWS route53), provided by Prophaze.

Note: If CNAME has not changed then the create operation in the setup waf page will not allow.

5. If your domain has no ssl certificate, uncheck the box.

6. Now all the details have been given for the registration process. To initiate the process, click the create button in the bottom right.

After this, SSL certificates will be automatically issued by the Prophaze WAF. If needed, customers can also import their certificates.

Finally, the on-boarding process is completed and all your traffic will be protected by Prophaze WAF before it hits the customer.

The customer can now log in to the WAF dashboard with the credentials given by Prophaze and can analyze the traffic which comes into the client’s website before hitting their actual website. That traffic would be filtered out with the help of existing rules and behavioral analysis – only the legitimate traffic will be allowed to the client’s domain.

Also, you can find the logs and its corresponding graphical representation in the dashboard home page. URL for login:

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